Spartan Slope front

spartan slope front

Cost-effective design with rear door and removable side panels.

Spartan Sloped Front Panel Enclosures

Spartan SSA Series —Sloped Front Panel Enclosures
Sloped Front Enclosures

Sloped Front Panel Frames
Frame and 2 pairs of adjustable vertical panel mounting angles (tapped with 10-32 holes on EIA spacing) and fixed angles on the front sloping panel area; 2 Panels; Units will be finished and assembled. Specify colors. (Door hinged at right unless otherwise specified.)


Side Panels
The side panels are outside removable and mounted flush with the frame. The model number designates a pair (1 each, left and right).

Side Panels: Supplied with TSA Series Assemblies

Rear Door
Door mounts left hand or right hand with concealed hinges and is instantly removable. Foam gasketed on 4 sides with magnetic catches on closure side.Furnished with a recessed handle, lock and 2 keys.

Note: Short door kit must be used when smaller door is being utilized. Catalog numbers SDK-19 for 19 inches or SDK-24 for 24-inch frames.


Front Doors
Doors for the front vertical panel opening are available. These doors mount onto the panel mounting angles.