Trimline Slope Front

trimline slope front

Decorative trim, rear door and removable side panels.

Trimline Sloped Front Panel Enclosures

30° and 45° matching wedge frames are available for multiple bay console configurations.

Trimline TSA Series Sloped Front Panel Enclosures

TVA Series — Sloped Front Panel Assembly

Assemblies include 1 frame, 2 end panels, and rear door. General construction details are the same as the vertical assemblies.

TVA Series -- Sloped Front Panel Assembly


Fixed front sloped panel mounting angles with tapped 10-32 EIA standard spacing


Removable front cross piece


Lower front panel mounting angles adjustable front to rear


10" x 10" cut-out for cable entry beneath base


Rear panel mounting angles adjustable rear to front


Quick release door hinge pins, spring loaded top and bottom


All door features are the same as the vertical assembly door construction


Flush mounted end panels, outside removable with quick turn fasteners


Extruded, anodized aluminum door mounting angles, top and bottom


Trimline Series —Ordering Information


Sloped Front Panel Racks
Frame includes trim and 2 pairs of adjustable vertical panel mounting angles (tapped with 10-32 holes on EIA spacing) and fixed angles on the front sloping panel area. Units will be finished and assembled. Specify colors and trim combinations. (Door hinged at right unless otherwise specified.)


The trim is mounted flush with the front outline of the frame. The top horizontal section is 2 1/8 inches wide, covering the face of the frame top. The vertical sections are 5/8 inch wide, mitred at the slope break. To order desired style, add as suffix to the assembly number.

-2B for Black grained inlay

-2W for Walnut, textured inlay

Side Panels
The side panels are outside removable and mounted flush with the frame. The model number designates a pair (1 each, left and right).

Side Panels: Supplied with TSA Series Assemblies

Rear Door
Door mounts left hand or right hand with concealed hinges and is instantly removable. Foam gasketed on 4 sides with magnetic catches on closure side. Furnished with a recessed handle, lock and 2 keys.

Front Doors
Doors for the front vertical panel opening are available. These doors mount onto the panel mounting angles.